Ingredients:Wheat Flour, olive oil, white wine, sea salt

BACCO’S LEAVES are our signature handmade, high quality flatbreads.

From our italian family recipe, Bacco’s Leaves are unique in their preparation.
We carefully select only the freshest and finest ingredients to offer you a fragrant and elegant leaf bread.

Bacco’s Leaves are un-leavened, yeast free, with no preservatives, nor contain any colouring or animal products.
They are hand made from Sustainable Wheat Flour, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Wine, Sea Salt, and all natural flavourings.

They are light, deliciously crunchy and perfectly savoury.
Their texture makes them enjoyable with dips. Lay on your favourite cheese, sprinkle them with a good extra virgin olive oil or accompany with your choice of wines.
Bacco’s Leaves are also delicious used as an everyday bread or snack with smoked salmon, avocado or with soups.
Enjoy with family and friends!


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