Spring Seed Wines are made from grapes lovingly grown in our family's organic vineyard located in the premium wine region of McLaren Vale, South Australia. The vineyard was established in the early 1970's by Peter and Anthea Bosworth, and is now owned and run by their son Joch, who began the conversion to organic viticulture in 1995. The vines are fully certified 'A' grade organic by Australian Certified Organic. a process that takes four years and involves yearly audits and random sampling of produce.

The Spring Seed Wine labels are unashamedly inspired by vintage flower seed packets created at the turn of the last century. The colour, clarity and beauty of the original seed packets are quite remarkable. We chose three different flower images to adorn each one of our McLaren Vale wines, simply because they are quite lovely. The Forget-me-not Semillon Sauvignon Blanc has the Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis) Forget-me-not (Myosotis spp) and Sunflower (Helianthus annuus).


Delicacy in winemaking is the key to this wine, to maintain the lovely yet fragile characters from both varieties, and to ensure we don’t lose them between picking and getting the wine into bottle. Semillon is picked a little riper than the Sauvignon Blanc, but both varieties are made reductively, which means we do our utmost to protect the grapes and ferment from air so as not to lose character or flavour. We cold ferment the grapes in stainless steel (no oak used to make ‘Forget-me-not’ at all) and when ready, we bottle it immediately

Tasting Note:

This classic Bordeaux blend white has a delicate lemon/ lantana nose with a hint of fruit tingles, as well as fresh straw. On the palate it is clean and lemony, just the way we like it. This is such a terrific blend of varieties, and so versatile – for the quick pre-pranidal drink, to being matched with seafood dishes, oysters, etc, so on and so forth. Those Bordelais have had some good ideas over the years, haven’t they?

Alc/Vol 13%


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