Lecithin describes a group of fatty substances found in plants and animals. Lecithin is essential for proper biological function, especially brain and skin health. Ours are 100% plant based. Lecithin granules have a natural, slightly nutty taste and aroma. They are a pale, yellow colour with a soft, sticky texture. Used as a functional everyday food or as a specialist ingredient in home made confectionaries.

Nature First Lecithin Granules are packed in Australia in a 200gm re-sealable oxygen barrier bag to preserve freshness.

A rich natural source of choline, an essential nutrient to support a healthy brain and nervous system, and support heart, liver and kidney function. Lecithin aids the metabolism of dietary fats in the liver, and can be used to support the liver's natural cellular regeneration. Lecithin can help break down fat deposits and support the body to maintain healthy cholesterol, it facilitates the movement of fats in and out of cells. But aside from health benefits, it is also widely used as a natural emulsifier in cooking and confectionary. Invaluable if you want to make your own sweet treats. Has a similar composition to egg yolks, and so can be used as a plant based or vegan substitute.

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