You MUST leave out your empty water bottle for exchange.

You must have purchased a 15 litre love water bottle to be able to exchange for a full one. If you do not have one you will need to purchase one online or come in to the store.

Here at Organic Feast we are very proud to offer ultra-pure, alkalised and energised water available from our very own self-serve water station!

Our water undergoes a 10 stage filtration, vitalisation and re-mineralisation system that removes 100% of chlorine, fluoride and other toxic metals and pesticides. Then it is revitalised and restructured using the Grander water technology and using Dr Masuru Emoto’s theory we add even more love by serenading our water with classical music (Currently playing Wagner) and give it positive words and thoughts.

A recent analytical report done on our water revealed a pH level of 9.26 - a rating of which we are very excited about!

This is a trial to see how it will go.

Our water loves you back!??


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