Miracle on the Wire is an exciting new ‘organic brand’ from Leogate Estate Wines Pty Ltd. This brand has been developed with a focus around showcasing our beautiful farming land, natural environment, wildlife habitats that exists within our vineyards and organic practices which encourages good health to the consumer. These are rich and generous wines of the Central Ranges District of New South Wales focusing on the key varietals of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
Nature is a very curious and amazing thing and as vineyard owners in the Central Ranges wine district, we are constantly surprised how our vines perform in such stressful conditions, with little to no rain.
‘Miracle on the Wire’ refers to the tiny bunches of grapes that form on our vines each year, as well as the sighting of a Blue Wren perched up on the wires of our Zeal Vineyard, as this is usually a sign of coming rain and good fortune.


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