Vintage Notes
Wanderer is made using a few different vintages of Petit Verdot, a grape variety which hails originally from Bordeaux. This allows us to create a blend with complexity and freshness.

Later ripening Petit Verdot from our vineyard block up near cellar door is gently picked before being taken down the hill to the winery to be crushed before undergoing open fermentation. Once through ferment, the PV is pressed off skins and sent to stainless steel vessels. It doesn’t spend any time in oak, as we want to retain the wonderful dark fruit vibrancy of the variety. In a similar vein to the Spring Seed Blanc de Blancs (Gypsy), the Wanderer is sent off after ferment and ageing on the vinous equivalent of a Grand Tour to find its fizz. In this case, the Wanderer is sent up to a winery in the Barossa, whereas the English Gentleman in the 17th and 18th Centuries went off around Europe to learn about classical antiquity and mix with the great families and houses on the continent. The Wanderer then returns home, enlightened and ready to be sent into polite society to be enjoyed. By you, that is.

Tasting Note
‘Wanderer’ is an elegant yet full bodied sparkling red made using our own home-grown organic Petit Verdot. It has a vibrant bright purple colour, with a nose ripe with blueberries, plum, black cherry and a hint of violets. It is perfect as an aperitif or can enjoyed with a variety of food. Serve chilled.

Technical Details
PICKING DATE over several years - always the last variety to be harvested in our vineyards
ALC/VOL 12.5%

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