Ingredients: Non-Genetically Modified Certified Organic Soybean, Water, Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Spices, Herbs and Rhizopus Culture.

Product of Australia

Certified Organic tempeh flavoured with a blend of mild spices. Perfect for those like a little kick in their meals!

Nutrisoy is an Australian family owned company dedicated to producing high quality, good tasting, healthy foods. It was established in 1984. Nutrisoy products are so superior for its texture and flavour. They are the preferred choice of dietary councillors and professional caterers. The quality is always excellent. In 1992 Nutrisoy has attained the standards set down by Biological Farmers of Australia to become a certified processor of organic tofu and tempeh. Nutrisoy uses only the finest Australian Grown Soybean (free from genetically engineered soybean) which is a rich source of isoflavones/ phytoestrogens, a substance that could offer protection against and help reduce the risk of a wide range of diseases in men and women including prostate, breast and skin cancer, osteoporosis, hot flushes and heart diseases. This soybean is also a rich source of protein (over 35%) including all eight essential amino acids. The oil of the soybean is mostly unsaturated and includes Lecithin and Linoleic acid compounds that help the body to dissolve deposits of excess cholesterol. The bean itself contains no cholesterol and is rich in calcium and iron, the two minerals essential to good health. Several varieties of delicious, convenient soyfood products have been developed to cater for the ever growing health conscious people. All of these products lend themselves for use in any cuisine. A great food for everyone from young children to the elderly.


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