The cheekiest of all dips, is made with fresh coriander, green chilli, cold press (virgin) olive oil, garlic and spices.

Made in Australia

Here the only limit is your imagination, this dip will light up any meal, from a thin speared over hummus or avocado on bread, to a tea spoon in a pot of pasta once the pasta is cooked, it will also go great with stir fried food such as chicken, beef or vegetables.

It is fantastically flavoursome and yet will not burn your taste buds, however it is recommended as adult content only. It would light up any mouthful.

Zhug has its origin in Yamane it travelled the world around to arrive at your plate, for all we know; in Australia it is only available through Hafla dips. It is made and sold fresh and like all our dips, once opened, better consumed within a week.

Some coloring of the virgin olive oil may occur, in which case there will be some brown stains on the surface, however, this by no means reduces the quality, or alters the taste of the dip.

Gluten, dairy, and preservatives Free.

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